Juno Labs HIDE Carrying Case for Leap Motion™ Controller


The HIDE Carrying Case is made specifically for the Leap Motion™ Controller.  The Leap Motion™ Controller is a device that allows you to browse the web, play games, make music, and much more, just with a wave of your finger or hand. Juno Labs LLC designed a carrying case, made specifically for protecting your Leap Motion™ Controller.  

The case includes a compartment for carrying your cables and a snug foam compartment for fitting your Leap Motion™ Controller perfectly.  There is no other case out there made for the device.  Protect your Leap Motion™ Controller today.  

The case is made out of durable foam interior / and nylon exterior. It is equipped with rounded edges and a shock proof outer shell that protects the unit inside from being damaged.  

*Note: Leap Motion Controller and cables are not included. Photos are used for demonstration only.