Novapak - The iPhone 6s Battery Case


Thinnest iPhone 6 battery case on the market!

Keep Charging and Carry On

Stay in charge of Life (with protection) - the New Juno Power Novapak provides exterior protection for your iPhone 6 and conveniently keeps it charged.

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Seamless Protection

The Novapak is one of the only battery cases that is a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and ABS hybrid case that offers full seamless protection while keeping you charged up on the go.  


Keeping up with style

Ultra-thin, ultra-sleek, fingerprint free matte black finish - as you keep up with the latest technology, Juno Power will make sure your iPhone 6 stays sharp. Unlike other bulky charging cases, The Novapak is one of the thinnest charging cases you can purchase at a mere 13.90mm, you can still obtain the iPhone's sleek outer appearance while keeping your battery life up.


The Novapak is constructed of ABS Plastic and TPU, where the material that wraps around the cellphone is TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) whereas it will protect the phone when dropped, with it's soft rubber like material.  The Novapak is single piece, so you dont have to worry about multiple parts coming apart during fast paced activities. 


The Novapak charges via micro-USB (included in purchase) or the wireless charging dock, the Novadok You may use your existing Apple USB AC Adapter, or purchase our high speed AC Adapter here.

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