About Us

About Juno Power

Juno Power designs, develops, manufactures and markets portable mobile devices and accessories for both Apple and Android devices.  Juno Power is an authorized licensee of Apple Inc.  We bring a combination of user friendly and design oriented products to the mass market.

Our mission is to create the best possible products in both quality and design.

With Headquarters in Burlingame, CA, Juno Power creates innovative designs with competitive pricing.  In doing what we have been doing best for over a decade, we strive to create the most user friendly, reliable solutions for everyday power problems.

Our products has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo!, CNN, NBC, Fox, NY Times, and more... We offer OEM and ODM Servicing, which allows you to customize your packaging and product from the ground up - and we service all the customer support and liability. 

Our lines include: 

HUE Product Line - Powerful and Colorful aluminum external batteries for phones and tablets
JUNOJUMPER Product Line - Innovative portable jumpstarters for your vehic
KAEBO Product Line - Strong and certified Apple and Android charge / sync cables
NOVA Product Line - Powerful simple external batteries for corporate customers