Konnect Plug - 6000 mAh External Battery Bundle


The Konnect Plug brings class and convenience to portable power.  The pearly white exterior exudes superiority, packing 6000mAh in a small encasement.  The Konnect Plug is equipped with a built in micro-USB cable, so there is no need to fuss around with cords flying about.  Keep it simple and classy.

The Konnect Plug has the capability to charge most digital devices including smartphones, tablets, music players, e-readers and much more, and is even capable of charging two of your devices at the same time.  Never be left without power again.  

With the use of original Samsung lithium ion cells, our batteries are of high quality, unlike many other companies that use generic lithium ion cells. Forget about dropped calls and being unable to read your emails because of a dying battery. From your smartphone, to your tablet, and everything else in between, the capacity of the portable external batteries ensures you will have full power whenever and wherever your devices may need it.


two is better than one.

Why choose which beloved device you want to charge first when you can power them both up at once?   The Konnect Plug is equipped with not only one output but two - One USB output and one Micro-USB output, made for Android devices.   



Charge smartphones, tablets, GPS devices, cameras, just practically anything requiring 5 Volts.  Use it on your weekend trip, keep it for emergencies, or just carry daily for those power hungry devices.  Konnect Plug has enough juice for hours of extended power.



  • Konnect Plug Technical Specifications

  • Compatibility

Stay Charged on the Go. Example Extended Talk Time with the Konnect Plug* 

*hours are estimated and actual hours may vary based on phone usage

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