Summer Beach & Heat essentials

Summer is on its way! Whether you're planning a trip, relaxing at home, or enjoying the weather after work, we've created a list of some of the latest new accessories you're going to need this summer. 


Blue Tooth Selfie Stick:

These selfie stick are convenient, inexpensive, and will help you document your summer! These in particular have a button that you can push which hooks up to your phone camera via blue tooth technology, perfect for any summer trip! 

Water Proof Speakers:


Waterproof speakers are great if you're planning on having a splash this summer. Unlike light waves, sound waves travel perfectly underwater! Usually, waterproof speakers are also more durable than other portable speakers and will be able to withstand any summer adventure. 

Check out some great waterproof speakers you'd to kick start your summer here.

Portable Chargers:

On the plane or on the go, portable chargers will stay up with you all day and all night so you can get the extra energy you need for your smartphones, cameras, and even tablets. You can also checkout portable battery cases for your smartphone so you'll always have that extra power! 

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Mini Polaroids:

These are great for documenting your summer! Mini insta-printing cameras like the Fijufilm Instax are relatively inexpensive and with the click of a button will print a physical photograph out so you can, literally, hold onto those moment forever. 

Wireless Headphones:

Take a jog on the beach or go for a hike in the woods with these form-fitting, Bluetooth wireless headphones. Most wireless headphones have rechargeable batteries, and some may never need to be charged at all! If you think you'd lose these little guys, you can also get some that are connected with a rubber cord. 


Reversible Swimwear:

Pack lite! No need for that extra baggage, especially when it comes to soggy swimsuits! Reversible swimwear is convenient to store and very versatile. This is s a must-have if you're planning on going swimming this summer!

Bottle-Opener Flip-Flops:

Not only do these come in handy when you're in a bust and need that summer beer, but they also show you're a fun, spontaneous person who is up for a drink anywhere and anytime. Several different brands make these 

 Thanks for checking out our top summer travel essentials! Remember to stay charged and check out our batter packs available on the home page! 

Bizarre Bottle Openers

Ever been in a situation where you really needed a bottle opener? Its summer and we want you to be able to crack open that beer easily! Here are a couple funny, clever, and convenient items with built in bottle openers. 

Flip Flops

Keep walking, keep drinking.



Convenient until you get pulled over and cop spots it on your keys.



Cellphone Cases

And I'm sure that the steel bound back keeps your phone safe.


Steel Ring

Marry me?



Drink up and keep that hairdo.


Bicycle Seat

Just don't drink and bike!

Remote Control

Don't even leave the couch! ...Except to get that beer out of the fridge.


Perfect for a sunny day out doors, with your bud.


Get hammered. With a hammer.


If you have this wallet, you're paying.

Dog Collar


"Come here bud! Not you! My beer."

Now that you know you can for sure have a bottle opener anywhere, don't forget to stay charged anywhere and anytime! Check out our portable battery packs on on our homepage at