September 03, 2015

Fitness Outside the Box- When Working Out Just Isn't Working Out!

Having trouble finding your passion for the gym or for fitness? Here are a few tips we have for staying in shape without spending hours on a treadmill. 

1) Try exploring new areas at your gym:

If you're the type of person who always hangs out on the same cardio machine and then immediately runs to the locker rooms when you're done, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. Lifting weights actually significantly changes the structure and appearance of your body- faster than cardio! You don't have to be afraid of being that person lifting the 5lb weight! Everyone started somewhere, and exploring a new territory will also allow you to reach out to new people and make some gym buddies!

If you're the type to just lift weights, don't be afraid to throw in some daily cardio! Even 10 minutes of cardio will help your muscles develop a more lean and defined appearance. A well rounded workout is important not only to see results, but also for the health of your body.

2) If you don't like going to the gym or don't have a membership:

The gym isn't the only place you can get fit, and it shouldn't be the only place you go to get fit! Taking a nice jog down a city street or a long hike with a rewarding view is a lot more visually and emotionally stimulating. Cardio can be achieved anywhere outside the gym! 

You can also do some muscle work by simple exercises like squats, plants, or push-ups!

3) Try out a new diet

If you've been having the same eating habits for a while and not been noticing the results you want, try switching things up a little. There is no "right" diet out there, but there sure are some wrong ones. 

Everyone's body is different! Your body might respond to a different diet in a more positive way.  There are so many different ones out there to try, like eating paelo, vegan, low-carb, or high protein!

4) Try cutting down portion size

Its not healthy to starve yourself or under eat! But its also unhealthy to over eat! Most Americans have habits of overeating because the typical portion size at a restaurant is larger than what's healthy. By slightly cutting down portion size, eating till you're not hungry rather than full, can actually significantly aid weight loss and promote a healthier metabolism.

5) No more drinking!

On the topic of diets, there are some foods (or drinks for that matter) that should not be consumed, or should only be consumed in moderation. When processed inside our bodies, alcohol turns right into sugar! Consuming large amounts of sugar are for sure going to cause weight gain! 

If you already don't drink alcohol, try cutting out sweet drinks like soda or fruit juice! 

6) You don't have to do it alone

Having a gym buddy, a trainer, or just a friend who supports your decisions makes things a lot easier! You have someone there for you who believes in you and wants to help you achieve your goals.

7) New Workout Gear!

Now that you're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a good way to keep yourself motivated is by having cute new workout gear to wear at the gym! This will motivate you while you're at the gym as you will feel confident doing your workout, and it will keep you motivated as you notice yourself buy smaller (or bigger if you actually want to gain muscle) clothes!

8) Consistency counts

Sure you can have a cheat meal every now and then or skip some workout days, but it is important to have a consistent routine and diet. If you just choose to workout or eat healthy one day a week, you will have little to no visible results. Having long breaks between your workouts basically makes it like you're starting all over from scratch!


July 30, 2015

Juno Power to join ItsWhiteNoise at Barrett Jackson Reno

In partnership with ItsWhiteNoise, Juno Power, a premiere mobile accessories manufacturer will be providing power and battery charging solutions at Barrett-Jackson’s 3rd Annual Hot August Nights Auction in Reno, NV.

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Summer Beach & Heat essentials

Summer is on its way! Whether you're planning a trip, relaxing at home, or enjoying the weather after work, we've created a list of some of the latest new accessories you're going to need this summer. 


Blue Tooth Selfie Stick:

These selfie stick are convenient, inexpensive, and will help you document your summer! These in particular have a button that you can push which hooks up to your phone camera via blue tooth technology, perfect for any summer trip! 

Water Proof Speakers:


Waterproof speakers are great if you're planning on having a splash this summer. Unlike light waves, sound waves travel perfectly underwater! Usually, waterproof speakers are also more durable than other portable speakers and will be able to withstand any summer adventure. 

Check out some great waterproof speakers you'd to kick start your summer here.

Portable Chargers:

On the plane or on the go, portable chargers will stay up with you all day and all night so you can get the extra energy you need for your smartphones, cameras, and even tablets. You can also checkout portable battery cases for your smartphone so you'll always have that extra power! 

You can check out our portable batteries here.

Mini Polaroids:

These are great for documenting your summer! Mini insta-printing cameras like the Fijufilm Instax are relatively inexpensive and with the click of a button will print a physical photograph out so you can, literally, hold onto those moment forever. 

Wireless Headphones:

Take a jog on the beach or go for a hike in the woods with these form-fitting, Bluetooth wireless headphones. Most wireless headphones have rechargeable batteries, and some may never need to be charged at all! If you think you'd lose these little guys, you can also get some that are connected with a rubber cord. 


Reversible Swimwear:

Pack lite! No need for that extra baggage, especially when it comes to soggy swimsuits! Reversible swimwear is convenient to store and very versatile. This is s a must-have if you're planning on going swimming this summer!

Bottle-Opener Flip-Flops:

Not only do these come in handy when you're in a bust and need that summer beer, but they also show you're a fun, spontaneous person who is up for a drink anywhere and anytime. Several different brands make these 

 Thanks for checking out our top summer travel essentials! Remember to stay charged and check out our batter packs available on the home page! 

Bizarre Bottle Openers

Ever been in a situation where you really needed a bottle opener? Its summer and we want you to be able to crack open that beer easily! Here are a couple funny, clever, and convenient items with built in bottle openers. 

Flip Flops

Keep walking, keep drinking.



Convenient until you get pulled over and cop spots it on your keys.



Cellphone Cases

And I'm sure that the steel bound back keeps your phone safe.


Steel Ring

Marry me?



Drink up and keep that hairdo.


Bicycle Seat

Just don't drink and bike!

Remote Control

Don't even leave the couch! ...Except to get that beer out of the fridge.


Perfect for a sunny day out doors, with your bud.


Get hammered. With a hammer.


If you have this wallet, you're paying.

Dog Collar


"Come here bud! Not you! My beer."

Now that you know you can for sure have a bottle opener anywhere, don't forget to stay charged anywhere and anytime! Check out our portable battery packs on on our homepage at 

June 19, 2015

Best Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Every dad deserves a great gift this Father's Day. Why not get him something modern and practical. Whether your father is a computer geek that will find one of these gadgets useful, or you have the dad who's Facebook statuses consist of "Martha, how do I use this?", getting him a new, modern tech gift will surely put a smile on your face and his. Here are some of our favorite, funniest, and most useful tech gifts to get Dad this year.

LogBar Ring -$270

Recently launched, the product is a ring that acts as a wearable device that lets you control everything from your texts to your home appliances using hand gesture commands. No more getting up off the couch to get the remote. Send a text or play a game from across the room with "the ring to control them all"

Belty -price not yet disclosed

Is your dad a big eater or trying to lose weight? Belty is an auto-adjusting belt that loosens when your waist expands, perfect for drinking beers on game night. It also monitors your waist size so if Dad is trying to get in shape, he can track more than his weight and actually see his waist shrinking.

Digitsole Smart Insoles -$200

These soft, comfortable insoles fit into virtually any shoe, and through a mobile app, are able to tell you how many steps you are taking and how many calories you've burned throughout the day. Not only that, but they can also heat your feet on a chilly night out. You can adjust the temperature through the app and customize the heat on each foot. Perfect for an athletic or outdoorsy dad!

Bluesmart -$339 presale (expected retail $450)

With a built in battery, this smart suitcase allows travelers to charge their devices while the suitcase is checked, on board the plane, or at the airport. With a built in scale and bluetooth technology, it also lets you know exactly how much the suitcase weighs and sends the information to your phone or mobile device through an app.

Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard -$99.99

This projecting keyboard hooks up to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and allows you to project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. This one's great for dads who need glasses to type on their iPhone6 Plus, or who are always working and on the go. 

March 11, 2015

February 24, 2015

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