Fitness Outside the Box- When Working Out Just Isn't Working Out!

Having trouble finding your passion for the gym or for fitness? Here are a few tips we have for staying in shape without spending hours on a treadmill. 

1) Try exploring new areas at your gym:

If you're the type of person who always hangs out on the same cardio machine and then immediately runs to the locker rooms when you're done, try stepping outside of your comfort zone. Lifting weights actually significantly changes the structure and appearance of your body- faster than cardio! You don't have to be afraid of being that person lifting the 5lb weight! Everyone started somewhere, and exploring a new territory will also allow you to reach out to new people and make some gym buddies!

If you're the type to just lift weights, don't be afraid to throw in some daily cardio! Even 10 minutes of cardio will help your muscles develop a more lean and defined appearance. A well rounded workout is important not only to see results, but also for the health of your body.

2) If you don't like going to the gym or don't have a membership:

The gym isn't the only place you can get fit, and it shouldn't be the only place you go to get fit! Taking a nice jog down a city street or a long hike with a rewarding view is a lot more visually and emotionally stimulating. Cardio can be achieved anywhere outside the gym! 

You can also do some muscle work by simple exercises like squats, plants, or push-ups!

3) Try out a new diet

If you've been having the same eating habits for a while and not been noticing the results you want, try switching things up a little. There is no "right" diet out there, but there sure are some wrong ones. 

Everyone's body is different! Your body might respond to a different diet in a more positive way.  There are so many different ones out there to try, like eating paelo, vegan, low-carb, or high protein!

4) Try cutting down portion size

Its not healthy to starve yourself or under eat! But its also unhealthy to over eat! Most Americans have habits of overeating because the typical portion size at a restaurant is larger than what's healthy. By slightly cutting down portion size, eating till you're not hungry rather than full, can actually significantly aid weight loss and promote a healthier metabolism.

5) No more drinking!

On the topic of diets, there are some foods (or drinks for that matter) that should not be consumed, or should only be consumed in moderation. When processed inside our bodies, alcohol turns right into sugar! Consuming large amounts of sugar are for sure going to cause weight gain! 

If you already don't drink alcohol, try cutting out sweet drinks like soda or fruit juice! 

6) You don't have to do it alone

Having a gym buddy, a trainer, or just a friend who supports your decisions makes things a lot easier! You have someone there for you who believes in you and wants to help you achieve your goals.

7) New Workout Gear!

Now that you're trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a good way to keep yourself motivated is by having cute new workout gear to wear at the gym! This will motivate you while you're at the gym as you will feel confident doing your workout, and it will keep you motivated as you notice yourself buy smaller (or bigger if you actually want to gain muscle) clothes!

8) Consistency counts

Sure you can have a cheat meal every now and then or skip some workout days, but it is important to have a consistent routine and diet. If you just choose to workout or eat healthy one day a week, you will have little to no visible results. Having long breaks between your workouts basically makes it like you're starting all over from scratch!


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin