Best Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Every dad deserves a great gift this Father's Day. Why not get him something modern and practical. Whether your father is a computer geek that will find one of these gadgets useful, or you have the dad who's Facebook statuses consist of "Martha, how do I use this?", getting him a new, modern tech gift will surely put a smile on your face and his. Here are some of our favorite, funniest, and most useful tech gifts to get Dad this year.

LogBar Ring -$270

Recently launched, the product is a ring that acts as a wearable device that lets you control everything from your texts to your home appliances using hand gesture commands. No more getting up off the couch to get the remote. Send a text or play a game from across the room with "the ring to control them all"

Belty -price not yet disclosed

Is your dad a big eater or trying to lose weight? Belty is an auto-adjusting belt that loosens when your waist expands, perfect for drinking beers on game night. It also monitors your waist size so if Dad is trying to get in shape, he can track more than his weight and actually see his waist shrinking.

Digitsole Smart Insoles -$200

These soft, comfortable insoles fit into virtually any shoe, and through a mobile app, are able to tell you how many steps you are taking and how many calories you've burned throughout the day. Not only that, but they can also heat your feet on a chilly night out. You can adjust the temperature through the app and customize the heat on each foot. Perfect for an athletic or outdoorsy dad!

Bluesmart -$339 presale (expected retail $450)

With a built in battery, this smart suitcase allows travelers to charge their devices while the suitcase is checked, on board the plane, or at the airport. With a built in scale and bluetooth technology, it also lets you know exactly how much the suitcase weighs and sends the information to your phone or mobile device through an app.

Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard -$99.99

This projecting keyboard hooks up to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and allows you to project a virtual keyboard onto any flat surface. This one's great for dads who need glasses to type on their iPhone6 Plus, or who are always working and on the go. 

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin