Sprint and Bestbuy offering students a free year of mobile phone service

Man, looks like I just missed this deal by a few months.  Sprint and Bestbuy have paired up to offer students this deal called MY Way, where they get cellphone service for a year, free.  This is a very thoughtful promotion, considering most, if not all students are on a pretty tight budget.  The way that it works is the student, whether they are in high school or college, add onto their family plan as a student and their bill in free for a year. 

Of course, there is a catch, but it seems miniscule compared to the money being saved.  The catch is that there is only 1GB of data offered within the clause which includes unlimited texting and calls.  If the data goes over that 1GB, the charge is $10 a month.  Being that students are virtually attached to their social media nowadays – I imagine that most will be paying that extra $10.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich