Black Friday – Let the shopping begin!

It’s almost time for the biggest shopping day of the year! I know we are all excited for great American holiday – Thanksgiving -  where family and friends unite to stuff their faces full of turkey and other delicious foods, but for some of us (people like me), we are more excited to do some crazed shopping.  Especially with all the new fun electronic devices that have been coming out lately – I think I’ll be getting most of my Christmas shopping out of the way, presents for myself included.  Best Buy is actually opening on Thanksgiving Day at 6 pm – way earlier than last year!  This kicks off the shopping hours sooner.  Here are some of their top door-busting deals I’ve been eyeing…

Starting at 10 pm on Black Friday, they will be having some additional sales being added to that list – but they don’t start as early as Thursday, unfortunately.  But if you ask me, these are still killer deals Best Buy is offering up! 

For those of you who can’t stand the crazy Black Friday crowd out there, there’s always Cyber Monday to look forward to.  If you go on the official Cyber Monday website – which I recommend, you’ll find different categories, and under each a list of stores with what each is offering!  Most places, like Apple are doing free shipping for any purchases over $50, T-Mobile offering smartphones with $0 down, the list goes on.  

Happy Shopping! 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich