BMW at CES – Self Driving Car Prototype

Today’s society is all about constant innovation, the changes are rapid and technology is always being updated in the fast-paced culture that is today. 

In the big tech world, last week was all about CES (the Consumer Electronics Show taking place is Las Vegas, Nevada).  Automobiles have been lagging a little bit since our big technology boom, but they are pretty quick at playing catch up.  BMW is one of the many that is coming out with some fantastic updates including “ActiveAssist” driver assistance technology.  This new technology will make it almost as though the driver of the car isn’t needed.  With a series of control systems, mainly in emergency situations the car is smart enough to react with precision without the driver’s assistance, like in a hydroplaning situation for instance.  

Other updates that the BMW has are a smartwatch that tells you your car information, like how charged your car is, any doors or windows left open, etc.  Additionally, the parking assistance has been updated where the car can locate spaces big enough for your car on either side of it.

There is also a newer Traffic Jam Assist.  This is particularly exciting for commuters – the car keeps you in your lane and maintains a set following distance and speed.  This could definitely make those terrible traffic jams more bearable.  

All of these awesome new features are to be seen in BMW’s prototype car at CES, called the i3.

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich