Apple News – Phablet and iPhone 6 coming out soon

Being as successful as Apple is, it is curious to think that they still don’t have a phablet.  Interestingly, all of their competitors have a big smartphones, now being referred to as phablets (a morph between the phone and a tablet), and yet Apple is still the top seller. 

Well, the wait is almost up!  This May, an Apple phablet is rumored to be finally coming out with a display bigger than 5 inches and a 20 nanometer processor. 

While this information, of course, cannot be confirmed, if it is true it’ll finally put Apple in the phablet game. 

Other rumors are circulating of the iPhone 6 coming out this September.  The only details we have on this is that it’ll have a thinner profile than its predecessors.  It is very early in the year, so I am sure there will be more leaks on what the iPhone 6 family will have to bring us.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich