Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case - Hot Product at CES 2014

I know that I have been talking a lot about this year’s CES, but there were just so many amazing new products that I must do another.  I have mentioned in my previous blogs, that this year’s mobile phone section was not as impressive as most would hope, with some exceptions of course.  Beyond that, there were some really interesting, unique and fun products to see. 

One I was really drawn to was the Yellow jacket iPhone Taser Phone Case.  For those who know me, I like to stay cautious and carry a pepperspray keychain on my ring of keys.  I have clearly heard way too many horror stories!  Looks like I have discovered an even cooler replacement defense mechanism in the form of a phone case!

This Yellow jacket case delivers a whopping 650,000volts when used.  It has a safety catch as well so as to ensure it does not go off unintentionally in say, your pocket.  That would be pretty uncomfortable and a little disastrous! 

This awesome case is currently made for the iPhone 4s, 5s, and 5c.  Sorry Android users – Yellow jacket can’t protect you!  All jokes aside, if you are interested in purchasing one, make sure it is legal in your state, as only 42 out our 50 states allow stun guns.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich