2014 Super Bowl Commercial Recap - Our Favorite Tech Commercials

Watching the Super Bowl is almost a requirement of being an American.  Most people gather around a table, crack open some drinks and dive into their snacks while watching the big game.  Most fervently cheer for their favorite team in hopes that they will win a Champion’s ring.  However, it is not only the game itself that attracts the millions of viewers across America.  Rather, it has become a cultural event including watching the over-the-top half time shows – and my personal favorite, the commercials.  To have a commercial slot during the Super Bowl, companies dish out millions of dollars.  Beyond having to spend the money, companies need to wow their audience, we are all expecting something extremely clever that will make us either bust out in laughter, pull at our heart-strings, or leave any kind of big impression. 

Watching the amazing line-up of commercials, there are many that caught my attention in particular, and for all the tech geeks out there like me – I’m sure you found these particularly interesting as well! 

Here’s a recap of the best techy Super Bowl commercials of 2014:


TurboTax - 


Go Pro - The man who went outside the atmosphere in a helium balloon and jumped - with a Go-Pro!


GoDaddy - They always seem to have a keen ability to take creativity to the next level!  GoDaddy always leaves an impression with their Super Bowl commercials, and this year was no different!  Take a watch.


Beats Music - The new music streaming app got themselves a slot in the Super Bowl commercial lineup as well.  Doing a little spin-off of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, starring the always funny Ellen DeGeneres - Beats Music definitely got people's attention.  


RadioShack - Now they did a good job of promoting their store make-over by making fun of themselves in having the 80's come get their stuff back.  Pretty clever and funny!


Microsoft successfully drew tears out of many of us with a commercial on technology giving "hope to the hopeless".  Definitely one of my favorite inspirational clips this year. 


So there you have it - my favorite tech commercials of Super Bowl 2014.  Hope you all enjoy them as much as I did!

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich