Samsung Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro Coming to us This Month!

Tablets! Tablets! Tablets!  It seems like these are always in the limelight as the hot items lately in the tech world.  One could even say that tablets have become the most talked about and desired products in the market. 

In lieu of the tablet craze, Samsung is bringing us all a lovely Valentine’s gift, and right in the nick of time – on February 13th!  So if you’re scrambling around trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one, one of these might be just what you were looking for.  If you’re serious about getting one as a Valentine’s gift, pre-ordering online with retailers like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and others might be a smart move. 

As was announced at CES, Samsung is debuting the Tab Pro Series and the 12.2 inch Note Pro.  Apparently, the only change that has been made is that the 12.2 inch Tab Pro won’t be coming out until March – which is still relatively near in the future. 

The pricing of these new devices covers a broad spectrum.  Here is what to expect:

-The 8.4-inch Tab Pro (16GB) for $400

-The 10.1-inch Tab Pro (16GB) for $500

-The 12.2-inch Tab Pro (32GB) for $650

-The Note Pro (32GB) for $750

-The Note Pro (64GB) for $850

For now, the tablets listed will all be WiFi only, pending further notice.  Some cool new features/additions will be offered with purchase like a $25 credit for Google Play, a three month free trial with Hulu Plus, a one-year business subscription with Bloomberg Businessweek, 50GB with Dropbox and six months of Cisco WebEx Premium 8.  I don’t know about you, but to me it sounds like a pretty enticing deal.  Not only do you get a brand new tablet, but you get some pretty fantastic gifts with it. 

Get to shopping! 

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich