Bravery Over the Internet

This morning, as I was surfing the web and reading up on some news and articles, as is my routine, I came across a short blog discussing the extent of venomous posts and communications people are capable of solely over the internet.  The psychologist in me got to thinking…Why is that people can be so brave over the internet in showing their teeth, when they usually would likely never behave that way in person?

Upon pondering the thought for a minute or two, the answer is obvious – to anyone.  First off, people can choose to (and oftentimes do) to remain completely anonymous over the internet.  When one feels that they won’t be judged and hated personally for speaking an opinion, you’d be surprised of the things that come out.  Whether the nasty communication is the result of someone having a horrible day and feeling the need to take it out on an unsuspecting victim, or if they simply feel like relating their honest view on something that is not generally accepted – it happens all the time. 

Secondly, most people even if they choose not to remain anonymous seem to be much more confident behind the safety of a computer screen than facing the intended correspondent head on.  Think back to when we were kids.  In elementary school, I got countless notes by various crushes saying things along the lines of, “I like you, do you like me too?”  always handed to me by a friend, or who we can call the “messenger”. 

Technology that we use on a daily basis has taken on that same concept and caused a virtual explosion of it.  Not only do people really “let loose” in speaking their minds over the web, but people have replaced much of their face-to-face interaction with online communication.  It’s gotten so pathetic that often times you’ll walk by a group of people who are all sitting together, but staring at their phone screens, typing away. 

This virtual world we’ve created has also spawned a new form of bullying, called cyber bullying.  I won’t get too deep into it, because chances are you’re all aware of how detrimental it is.  Kids nowadays can’t always escape the bullies in the safety of their homes, because after school, the internet still lives on.  I will stop myself before I get into a ten page rant on this, but you get my gist. 

My point is, with all the great benefits technology has given us with this constant connectivity, is it ultimately this great thing, or is it something that will eventually ruin us?  We’ve adapted to living a much faster paced lifestyle; one where we are able to schedule our work keeping a much faster stride, where we can close deals almost instantly, and the like. 

With all the things that I have been able to accomplish, which I am sure I would not have been able to without my beloved technology, I am somehow starting to feel like I have lost time in things that matter – like face-to-face interaction. 

Going back to my opening statements, there is a reason you don’t say certain things to someone’s face that you would say otherwise with the mask of a computer alias; when you see the person in their life-form, you’re suddenly reminded that they are a human, just like you. 

I’m just starting to wonder if this big technology boom is going to be the thing that leads our generation to thrive and prosper exponentially in the coming decades, or if this well-oiled machine is going to consequently break due to overuse, and more importantly misuse. 

On that note, I’m going to go check my Facebook and Instagram accounts – and maybe hop onto Pinterest and do some surfing.  I do love my technology, even with bad things that come with it. Check out our social media sites!  We love to hear from you, well - mostly the good stuff anyway. :)


Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich