Woman Gets Attacked for Wearing Google Glasses?!

I saw this headline, and just couldn’t believe it!  Why would anyone get attacked for wearing glasses?  This young woman, Sarah Slocom, excited about having the new and fun high tech glasses toted them along with her and a couple of friends for a friendly night out in the lower Haight district of San Francisco.

While at a mellow bar called Molotovs, as the friends were hanging out playing a game of pool, the owner of the glasses was simply showing her friend how they work and how to use them.  I mean, I would certainly be caught doing the same thing was I privileged enough to own a pair.  However, some of the other bar patrons did not take well to thinking they were being recorded.  Really?  The world does not revolve around you, pal!

One man was so upset that he even went as far as both verbally and physically assaulting the innocent woman, snatching the glasses off of her face, along with her purse and cell phone.  Luckily enough the victim was able to at least grab the glasses back before the assailant took off. Here's a news clip with interviews.

Surprisingly, some of the bystanders reported that they weren’t all too shocked by the occurrence.  According to a witness, he thinks that a lot of people, especially in non-techy settings, would get offended at the prospect of being recorded.  Even Google has released guidelines warning Google Glass owners to be mindful of things that may offend people while wearing them, like this short clip,

In short, if you do have them, pay attention to the tips given!  Clearly, they are very serious and you can run the risk of offending someone so badly that they may even opt to physically assault you.  Be careful folks! 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich