Awesome Gadgets Every Mom Should Have


You always hear about how hard it is to be mom – hard, but also very rewarding.  I know that it is certainly a full time job – as full-time as it gets.  A little quote by Sofia Loren,

“When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.  A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”

Gadgets for every mom

So let’s get to talking about the fun parts of being a mommy, and what fun little convenient gadgets will make life both easier and perhaps a little more entertaining!  I’ll skip over the obvious, like tablets, the great phone wallet, or the indestructible iPad cases…and get to some of the less known tech accessory must haves. 


#1:  HipKey – A must have, especially if you’re a mommy!  This awesome gadget is one you won’t be able to live without once you’ve got it.  The Hipkey attaches to any valuables of your choosing and voila!  You’ll never lose your much needed possessions again!  This device allows you to track your belongings when your kids decide to make your keys their new favorite toy in the make-believe house in the backyard.  Click here for more info.  

#2: Motorola Video Monitor – This monitor is reportedly one of the best on the market.  Most monitors are good enough to get the job done, however this one has such a clear picture that you won’t have to squint to make sure you’re seeing everything correctly. 

tech for mom

Click here for more.

#3: JayBird Reign Fitness Band – As a mom, it is hard to make gym-time.  But as we all know, it is important to keep fit for health (and so you can keep up with the munchkins).  This great band helps track all of your activity (even in water), so you always know how well you’re doing.  You go girl! Follow this link for more.

#4: The Stump – Need an iPad stand? This is an affordable, cute and colorful stand that gives you three position options!  This stand is small and easily portable!  Check it out here.

#5: Portable Battery – When you’re on the go and your battery dies – whether it’s a phone or a tablet, do not be confined to a wall plug.  For high quality and affordability, head to Juno Power for the best on-the-go lifesaver batteries! Browse here !

#6: Piper Home Security System – Rated at 5 stars, this device gives you a panoramic view of it’s surroundings and utilizes smart technology to keep you updated. 

best mom gadgets

With motion detectors, the device lets you know what’s going on in your house – like “door being opened” sent as a text message straight to your phone.  Have a look here.

#7: Rhino Shield Screen Protector – The reviews on this guy are fantastic.  It has 6 layers of transparent polymer film said to be more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass 2 by five times.  That is some intense protection – kid resistant?  I think so.  Check it out here.

#8: Knuckle Lights for running in the dark – Whether you’re an early morning jogger or like to brave the night to get that sweat going, these knuckle lights are for you!  Stay moving and stay safe!  Have a look !


There you have it folks!  All of my favorite, fun and useful tech gadgets of the week.  

What all moms should have

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich