College: Decision Time

We’ve all been there, college decisions, trying to decide what school will better fit our needs. However, while choosing the right school is a stressful and exciting decision at the same time, it’s also a very important one. Here are some things to consider when choosing which school to attend and actually getting the hang of it.

Challenge Yourself.

            Although college is a time to have fun and live life without your parents, it’s also a crucial learning experience. When deciding what school to attend, you want to choose one that not only challenges you educationally but also socially. If you’re shy and don’t have very many friends, this is a great time to break out of your shell. As it turns out, there are a lot more people like you in college than there may have been in High School. Pick a school that has the things that interest you. If you were a dancer or cheerleader in High School, and your college doesn’t have either of those teams, this could be harder for you, as you will not be easily connected to your future best friends. Sure, living in the dorms and getting paired with another freshman as your roommate might sound like a fun new friendship, but it’s not always the most compatible one. You want to choose a school that will have like-minded people as yourself; this will help you later on as you no longer have your family by your side everyday, like you’re used to. Having a strong support system of people with similar interests will help you get through the challenges in front of you. 

Try Something New.

     While we all have our dream schools in mind, those schools aren’t always the ones we can choose from. When you don’t get into the school you’d really hoped for and all of your friends are going to the same college together, it’s okay to try something new. Just because everyone is going to the same place doesn’t mean you should to. In fact, it’s good to try something new. Going to a new place with new people will help you grow individually. This is important, as you get older, the real world isn’t molded around you, you need to learn to adapt. Gaining personal growth early on (not too early, college is a good time) will give you an advantage later on as you learn to make your own decisions and think for yourself in the best way possible. Yes, it’s going to be different and hard to get used to but as time goes on you’ll make friends that stay with you the entire way and learn life lessons just like you.

Don’t Give Up

Probably the hardest thing to get through when you’re in college is school itself. While it’s a completely different change of pace, it’s doable. The key to getting through it all is time management. While it may get overwhelming at times, it’s only stressful if you make it that way. College campuses have several resources to help you stay on track and get the help you need; don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it.

Make Good Decisions

There is a time for everything. When it comes to making up your mind between choosing to go to the party or going to the study session your professor has planned on Friday night, go with the studying. Parties are constantly going on, they’re never going to run out, but the study session is a one-time deal. Remember that the whole reason you came to school was to learn. Yes, partying may teach you a thing or two about life and friends, but actually focusing on your schoolwork is much more important and you’ll thank yourself or it later. Don’t be that sixth year senior because you failed to pass your classes on time. Finish out strong and stay focused when it comes to your schooling. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet in the library…it could be your new best friend ;)


Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner