The App We’ve All Been Waiting for – How to Get Out of Group Texts

Someone has finally heard our pleas and created the application that…. *drumroll please*…lets you escape the dreaded group chats we get stuck in.  I know I am not the only one who’s gotten trapped in those forsaken group texts that you really want no part in, especially when the conversations continue long past the initial purpose.  You get thrown in the mix with a bunch of chatty kathys while you sit at work listening to your phone buzz incessantly as the phone battery slowly drains, at no fault of your own.  This is where you pull out your portable Junopower battery and hope the million incoming texts don’t drain your portable battery as well. 

The new app called GroupXiT has come to the rescue – we shall be victims no more!  Using GroupXit, you can not only leave the group messaging, but you can also do so without letting the others know (in case you’re afraid of offending anyone). 

group texts

But that’s not all this amazing app can do!  Let’s say you’re put in a group that you’re okay with except for that one person that annoys the bejesus out of you.  GroupXiT allows you to select that person so that you no longer see the text messages coming from that individual. 


It doesn’t end with just that folks!  Say you left a group that you really don’t want anyone to know you left.  Well the first option lets you secretly leave; but what if you get called out?  The app also has the option for you to select certain keywords, like say your name.  When the keyword it used, GroupXit will notify you.  This way you don’t get bombarded with all the unnecessary texts and have the option to know only what you need. 

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Downloading now.... 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich