Make A Phone Call Without a Phone

In today's world, it is nearly impossible to survive without calling or texting people. Whether its a business call, a call to a family member, or a "whatsup" message to a friend, we all need to contact our friends by phone. Now there are several ways to send messages or make phone calls without actually using a phone.

One way to make a call without a phone that has been around for quite a while is by using video call systems on computers, tablets, and other mobile devices. Applications such as Skype and Oovoo make it easy to get in touch with the people you need without using a phone. Not only do video chat systems make it possible to connect with people locally, you can also call loved ones or coworkers that are on the other side of the globe. Yes that's right! International calls don't cost a cent if you are using a video call system like Skype.

Another way people have been getting in touch with each other is through social media and social networking. There are apps which can be downloaded on mobile devices that allow you to message and even call people for free without having any cell phone network. Apps like Kik and Whatsapp allow users to send free unlimited messages to each other. Other apps like Facebook Messenger allow its users to actually make free audio calls through the app. 

The only downside to apps like these is that they require you to be connected to wifi or internet to make the calls. Finding a reliable source of internet nowadays is not that hard. Most businesses like cafes, restaurants, or hotels offer free wifi. Just go grab a coffee and make an international call, its cheaper than paying for an overseas phone call. 

So if you were ever wondering if you could make a long distance call while on vacation or on a business trip, or even if you temporarily break your phone, now you know the secret. You don't need a phone to keep in contact with the people you need. 

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Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin