Weirdest Looking Police Vehicles

We've all had or heard of some crazy experiences with the police. Most of us however have only had to deal with motorcycle cops, or cops in those traditional Fords. We've found a couple bizarre looking police vehicles that we knew would shock you! Keep reading to see some crazy police cars that you may or may not want to run into.



The all-electric Zijing Qingyuan Armored Spherical Cabin Electric Patrol Vehicle features a dome-shaped passenger cabin fitted with hexagonal windows that offer an all-around, up and down view. claims that the windows and the body are 100% resistant to gun fire. It is capable if having smoke grenade launchers installed to the front, as well as a gun port in the passenger door.



Italian state police have received a nice fleet of customized Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. The Lamborghini is capable of reaching 203 mph and is equipped with all kinds of high-tech gadgets.



This BMW is supposedly "theft-proof" with high-tech surveillance equipment and sophisticated electronic locks and immobilizers. For a while, it was the pride of the Berlin police force.


Apparently, speeding is an issue in Trinidad. Several police were issued corvette units to patrol streets with frequent speeders on pursuit.

Hampshire, England



PC Keith Waller created this vehicle because he thought it would help combat anti-social behavior. He insisted that getting involved with the project allowed police to show their "fun side" and made them look "cooler" and "more approachable".

The vehicle reaches top speeds of 20 mph and has five gears.



The dutch canals intake a high amount of traffic every day and require just as much patrolling as the streets do. For this reason, they've created the U-boat to help maintain safety in the canals.



Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin