South Korea’s Armadillo foldable car

South Korea has a electric fold up car that is small and all-electric car that can fold down to almost half its length for easier parking. Speed demons probably don’t want this car, but others who are just looking for a more convenient car should. The city people who like smaller cars to find parking easier/faster and don’t to waste 25 minutes looking for parking. The KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) has revealed an electric vehicle prototype to fit and save parking space.

It is called the Armadillo-T because the animal armadillo hides inside its shell. They made it fold inside like the armadillo does. There was a similar concept in the form of the Hiriko, a brainchild of MIT that launched in Spain last year. The Armadillo-T is running on lithium ion battery and can get 62 miles after 10 minutes of charging and has a maximum speed of 37 mph. After parking it can fold into a length of 65 inches compared to 110 inches originally. Korean Wall Street Journal says 3 Armadillo-T can fit into a normal standard parking space. What makes it a good deal to people, besides the parking is that it is environmental friendly electric car. A bad thing about it is that it doesn’t look like it can protect you very well from an accident. All in all, this car seems good if you are an eco-friendly person and have no parking spaces around you. People being in a busy city, might want to give this a good look and check out all the aspects of this car.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa