Apple send products to Iran

The US government has decided to send Apple products; such as Macs, iPhones, and iPads to customers in the Middle East country. Before this, the US didn't allow Apple to sell to customers in the Middle East Countries, but now they are being shipped out there. With the Obama administration, they have eased those sanctions for tech gadgets. Apple spokesperson said "Apple is no longer banned from selling Macs and iOS devices to customers who plan to bring those products to Iran." You can sell them to individuals but not the Iranian government or its associates. This way, they believe it can help protesters inside of Iran.

The Treasury Department said "The people of Iran should be able to communicate and access information without being subject to reprisals by their government," and if they do it's because of the Iranian government wants to cut their citizen off from the rest of the world. Iran is one of many countries that cracks down on its citizen for over use of social networks, e-mail, and blogs. They have blocked sites like Google, Youtube, and Facebook where the citizen could not access them because of Iranian government. It has been said that the Iranian government also cut off access to the Internet last year. All in all, this might open things up so that the citizens of Iran can have more freedom or access to whatever they want.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa