XBOX One with ESPN and NFL apps for 2014

Microsoft shows off ESPN and NFL apps for Xbox One, Yahoo and ESPN Fantasy football likely for 2014. It is really obvious that Microsoft has been doubling-down on sports apps, because they recently reported that ESPN is coming to Xbox One. Also has received a deal with the NFL to bring fantasy football to both Xbox and Windows. The partnership will not only include fantasy games but Surface apps for coaches to use on the sidelines.

Microsoft wants to get Yahoo and ESPN's fantasy football apps sometime in 2014 but in the meantime NFL and ESPN apps will hit the Xbox One in November. NFL is available now for the Xbox 360 and Windows 8. You can have full control of what teams and sports you want to watch on the Xbox. You also have the feature of picture-in-picture for important games. The NFL app will let you view your roster, match-ups and fantasy reel. The app will also include NFL's RedZone, so you can see highlight reels of the games you didn't want to watch in full screen. Microsoft also put two apps for coaches eClinicalWorks and X2 and eight teams will be testing it out this season. Therefore, with these new apps coming to the Xbox One, it seems to be a plus for football and fantasy fans.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa