Rare Pokemon card worth $50k

There is a rare Pokemon card that set a record-breaking $50,000 dollar offer on eBay. This card is one of the rarest and most valuable Pokemon card ever made. There is only 6 ever made and 1 has surfaced on eBay for a huge amount of $100,000 dollars. The card owner said "Realistically, an ungraded copy could easily earn $20,000, so I'm hoping somewhere around $50,000." The limited illustrator batch, which was printed in 1997, set records for trading card sales. Pokemon cards has been waxed and waned and now its two or three times as inflated in value as it stood in the late 90's.

The Pokemon trading card game was a fast-growing craze that was still confined in Japan. North America didn't see the red or blue version until the first installments in September 1998. Special thanks to a Wizards of the Coast for licensing a deal with Magic the Gathering. The winners of the CoroCoro has received a specially made promotional card, that featured Pikachu with a paintbrush. Pratte Pokemon cards are only 9s out of 10s. HE made a hobby into a career, and also saying he doesn't sell unless he has double the cards. Saying all if this, people might want to check how much there old Pokemon cards are worth now. All in all, this is a a lot of money for a Pokemon card let alone any kind of card.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa