Lifetime subscription for $39.99

PlayLater is this streaming DVR tool that will let you record movies and TV shows from HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix for offline and mobile viewing. It seems good to have an offline viewing on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, which is PlayLater. You can get a lifetime subscription to the service would normally cost $79.99 but for a limited time it will be $39.99.

PlayLater lets you record around 60 services, which is including major networks and also you can get plug-ins for missing networks. You will still have to get a subscription for pay services like ESPN, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. So basically you find what movie or TV show you want and then click record and if its already recording than click Add to Queue. The PlayLater will have it formatted in MP4-format video files, so you can view it on just about anything. PlayLater is designed for personal use and convenience. This service has been around for awhile now and hasn't been shut down yet. Although $40.00 is not cheap it beats paying $80.00 but if you want an almost effortless way to save streaming video this is what you're looking for.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa