The brand new iPad Air is said to be the hot holiday gift!

Many reports of late seem to be predicting that as of now, the iPad Air is the hottest holiday gift on the market.  However, rumors tell us that Apple is short in their supply. 

With the soft opening of the new iPad Mini Retina – there was a pretty large demand and Apple was short on supply.  Being that the Apple stock has been taking a downward route lately, this unpreparedness may not have been the smartest move. 

Will this contribute to the stock dropping even further?  And will there be the same issue with the iPad Air – especially with an increase in demand during this holiday season?  Professional opinion states no; while there was a minor shortage in supply for the iPad Mini Retina, the problem was rectified.  The CEO of Apple has dealt with and fixed the issue and therefore we shouldn’t experience any shortage with the iPad Air now.  All good news here!

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich