Oyster and Scribd – the bookworms new favorite Apps!

There is finally a version of the Netflix App for bookworms.  For avid book fanatics, like myself, this is great great news!  I love reading books, and now there are apps that make it easier to find new reads and save money!  They work much the same as Netflix and Redbox do.  For a meager sum of $10 a month, with these apps (Oyster and Scribd), you can read an unlimited amount of books. 

For those of us who read a lot, this saves a lot of money if you’re in the business of purchasing the book every time.  As the CEO of Scribd stated, “You don’t have to make a payment every time you read”.  What is more, Eric Stromgberg of Oyster makes this process even more convenient.  Most readers will crack open a book and skim some pages before we commit to purchasing any given book – to see if it grabs our interest.  Well Stromberg relates that they’ve made this a feature for the app as well, making it more user friendly. 

Furthermore, these apps give book recommendations based on the types of books you’ve been reading through the app. This is great – I am always asking for people to recommend books to me – but not all bookworms like the same genres or authors.  This feature can bring new authors of your interest to light.  Not only are you able to read these books on your smartphone or tablet device, but you are also given the option to download the novel and read it offline – saving data for those of us counting.  I don’t know about you but I am so excited I can barely sit.  I’m sure you’re all getting the vibe that I am all too excited about the holidays – nevertheless, I will say that I cannot wait to download these apps on my kindle and sit by the fireplace with my hot chocolate reading as many books as I want! 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich