Top Selling Black Friday Product

So after having done all of my Black Friday shopping – I’m not going to lie, it included a lot of shoes – I was curious to find out what the top selling product overall was this year.  I wasn’t surprised to find that a lot of sources are naming the iPad number one seller.


According to InfoSource – after interviewing the first 3,000 shoppers at Target, the data stated the top 3 products to all be of the iPad variety.  Again, not shocking at all.  Nowadays, iPads have become almost a necessity and it seems like nearly everyone has one.   With that said, iPad’s are a perfect holiday gift to give loved ones, or even knowing you’ll save a big percentage off these pretty expensive products for a self-gift/update, seems logical that Black Friday is the most opportune time to save on a product you were probably going to buy anyway!

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich