Andy Rubin’s New Project - Android Robots in Google

So yesterday I brought to you all some information about Amazons new robot drones being created for delivery purposes.  Looks like they’re not the only ones amping up their technology in the delivery department. 

Andy Rubin, former Android boss is now Google’s new, bigger, android boss!  His mission is to “create a new generation of robots” of a larger variety.  Being dubbed the “Moonshot” Project, the purpose of these robots will not only be for the delivery of Google products, but also for the manufacture of them as well.   That is, these robots will be involved in nearly every step of making and shipping products right down to the product drop at your front door.

All of this information seems a little far-fetched and sounds like it’s out of a futuristic movie; however, Rubin assures us that this is more than just a fantasy idea.  According to the Android man, Andy Rubin, Google already has this hardware ready to be put in circulation as soon as the software has been completed an perfected for these robots. 

It sounds like this change in staffing is in the very near future.  My questions is, if this robotic fleet actually occurs, what happens to all the human employees who are a part of the manufacture and delivery of Google products?  And will these robots be better or worse at the job?  I suppose we will know the answer soon!  Hopefully, not too many people find themselves out of a job when this big change occurs, if it indeed does.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich