Obama not allowed to have an iPhone?

President Obama still uses a Blackberry, which is surprising considering that the Blackberry market has been going on a downward slope.  Despite all the issues associated with the name and their inability to keep pace with the more popular Android and iPhone smartphones, apparently Blackberry still holds the title for highest security phone, marking the brand as most popular in the Washington Official circle.  It’s no wonder Obama is still sporting one.

According to our President, the iPhone is simply not secure enough for him to use, although his daughters are allowed to.  Perhaps they don’t have as confidential business as their father. 

Being the President of the United States can be an extremely stressful and hard job, as I am sure we can all imagine.  He relates how hard it can be and what a nuisance certain security measures are at times for him, especially in communicating with normal people on the outside.  In his words, being the President of the United States can make your world turn into a White House “bubble”.  Even his personal email is limited to a strict list that is comprised of senior officials and some personal friends, with the high security on that too. 

Quite frankly, I was shocked to hear that Blackberry is still the most secure phone.  This news makes me feel a little weary about my iPhone security – hope no one tries hacking my information.  Not that I have anything as interesting as the President does on my phone.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich