Would you pay $1,800.00 for the new PlayStation 4?

How badly do fellow gamers want the new PlayStation 4?  Would you pay the insane amount of $1,800.00 for one?  This is approximately four times the amount one of these bad boys cost in the United States. 

Due to the insane import tax in the fifth largest country in the world, the people of Brazil aren’t as privileged as us Americans in being able to purchase some new products at a reasonable price.  This staggering amount of money requested for a game console was so appalling that boycotts ensued demanding a decrease in this outrageous import taxation. 

While for most this amount was not acceptable, there is one man in Brazil who remained unfazed by the number on the price-tag. 

Being an avid gamer for over 30 years, Paulo de Campos was the first to purchase the PlayStation 4 in Brazil at full price.  (Does he think it’s doused in holy water?)  His response to the big splurge is that he is used to spending a lot on his gaming.  Most new gaming products of high quality are all imported.  Being that he has been a dedicated gamer for so long, the prices are just something he has gotten used to. 

Paulo even seems very proud of the fact that he has the PlayStation 4 in his possession now and is completely unfazed by the scrutiny he is receiving for succumbing to the large taxation. 

Still, four times the original amount seems like the biggest rip off I have heard about in a while, but  I suppose we all have things that we care about and don’t mind spending a pretty penny on.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich