Is the Touch ID losing accuracy on the new 5s?

Last September, Apple came out with a new and improved iPhone 5s.  Amongst some of the new and updated features of the iPhone, the Touch ID is probably most notable.  This is the feature that replaced the “Slide” and password to unlock security on the smartphone.  The Touch ID scans the owners fingerprint on the home button which authenticates the user and subsequently unlocks, without all the trouble of typing in passwords.  This features is also used in confirming purchases made on the iPhone 5s. 
This is a great advance in iPhone technology.  The Touch ID makes the smartphone more user friendly and takes convenience to a new level.  However, as it usually goes with new technology, there have been some complaints of glitches.  The main concern being that the fingerprint accuracy seems to dull over time.  That is, at first the fingerprint scan works very well and is efficient and accurate.  Yet, after some time passes, the scanner seems to work less and less efficiently and won’t recognize the fingerprint on the first few tries.  Being that this is the way the owner of the phone gets into their system, I can imagine great frustration.  Interestingly, once the person resets the fingerprint, it goes back to working efficiently again. 
This sounds like a minor problem, especially since there is an easy fix of simply resetting.  But let me remind you that this phone is only 3 months old; if a problem like this is already occurring, I wonder if it’ll get worse and how much worse at that.  Hopefully, not too many people get locked out of their phones.  Conversely, I’m sure that Apple can fix this glitch through a simple update once they have perfected the technology involved.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich