Top Tablets of 2013

Well, it is the end of the year!  New Year’s Eve is approaching quickly and I’m sure some of us are wondering what the big stats of the year are.  One statistic I want to address is tablets.  They have risen in popularity and in production quite a bit this year.  So which tablet is the best one?  Well, that can be a bit of an ambiguous question since different people have different preferences.  But one question we can address and give an answer to is:  Which tablet was most used this year?  

Knowing which products are used most tell us a lot about how the company is doing – and which products seem to be the most user friendly.  Also, this gives us an idea of things to come in 2014. 

To answer the question, following suite with most similar devices, Apple is of course dominating the tablet market.  Coming up above Google and Samsung, Apple holds 5 rank spots out of the top 6.  What is surprising is that even older first generation products made it in this bracket above other newer products by other companies. 

What is it about Apple that makes people love all their products so much?  Is it that the products are really that much better than the rest?  Or is it merely a good name with good marketing strategies?  I suppose everyone has their own opinion.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich