No More Woof - A Way for Dogs to Talk!

How many people have seen the movie "Up"?  Remember the dogs who wear certain collars that read their thoughts, giving them a voice essentially?  Well it is a cute idea for a movie, but not one that I actually thought would ever come to life.  Turns out I am wrong.  There really isn’t anything technology can’t do!

There is a new project called Indiegogo that is creating an unintrusive head piece that you can place on any dog, and it reads and projects their thoughts!  They are calling it the “No More Woof” developed by the Scandinavian Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery.  The little headphones that will be used to pick up these thoughts will use EEG technology attached to a processing unit.  And of course there is a little loudspeaker that will communicate for the dog! 

All the Society needs is a little more funding to finish the project, but by the end we will be able to understand some thoughts the dog is having, like tiredness, curiosity, and hunger. 

I wonder how accurate this little gadget will be.  But I am excited to see the way we communicate with animals taken to a new level.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich