Snapchat has been hacked!!

Snapchat has officially been hacked.  What does this mean?  Well, weeks after Snapchat was warned of their weak security, someone hacked the app by getting 4.6 million numbers.  Although SnapChat had been advised to address their weak security system, no action was taken.  This is unfortunate; millions of people have now had their privacy invaded.  All the user information this hacker got were posted on a public website (  The website has been banned – but that does not mean that the information is not now in circulation.  The website had been up long enough for people to get their hands on the private information. 

This is terrible news for the popular application.  SnapChat is all about privacy.  This is an application that allows people to send photos to each other that disappear within seconds.  Having a security breach this big could stunt the rapid growth the company has been experiencing of late.  Interestingly, SnapChat has nothing to say to the questions following the breach.  It seems like they have been in hiding, instead of addressing this threatening issue. 

There is a website posted ( that allows you to see whether your phone number was one of the stolen ones.  Unfortunately, mine was on there! 

With the way the popular app is handling this situation makes me seriously question their future.    

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich