What Apple has to bring us in 2014

Overall, 2013 was a slow year for Apple.  True, they came out with a few great new products, like the updated iPhone and new tablets, however they did not come out with any new product lines.  After Steve Jobs, there was much talk about Apple possibly tanking; stocks went down and we didn’t see much improvement for some time. 

Tim Cook had a big name and some high expectations to live up to.  That’s when he took a leap in making a mark and taking a new direction, by launching the iOS7.  This new update was a bold move.  

Apple had sported the same format for some time, so Cook revamped the old software and took on an entirely new presentation.  The iOS7 was not just a new update; it was a statement saying that Apple is not Steve Jobs and that the show would go on. 

Following the updated software, some new products came out at the end of the year that were met with much enthusiasm, like the iPad Air and iPad mini with retina display.  So, now that the ball seems to be rolling, what can we be expecting for 2014? 

Quite recently Apple has made some new acquisitions that hold great implications for what is to come.  Apple has bought several new companies; three having to do with mapping, one on television, one focused on search engines, etc.  I can imagine that we will be seeing some updates to maps, searching, maybe an Apple TV.  Who knows?  According to Tim Cook, one thing we can be certain of is that there will plenty of new products coming out in 2014. 

Another move Apple has made is the recent hire of Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry.  Her job will be to run the retail operations at Apple.  People are so impressed by her that many predict that she will be CEO of Apple one day.  Being a big fan of Burberry, I can’t wait to see the mark she puts on Apple. 

One thing Tim Cook wants to emphasize is that Apple did not die with Steve Jobs.  He is confident that Apple will continue to grow and innovate as it always has.  Can’t to see what the year of 2014 will bring us.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich