Toyota iRoad

At CES 2014, there was a big section dedicated to anything to do with automobiles.  This certainly was one of my favorite areas, because, well let’s be real – who doesn’t like looking at beautiful cars??

There were so many new innovations having to do with audio systems, new high tech dashboards, solar power, etc.  The most interesting and unique part of this section for me was the Toyota i-Road.  This was by far the most futuristic and different thing that I had seen there.  It is a 3 wheel vehicle, completely electrically powered, that fits one person.  This high-tech car has 2 wheels in the front, and one in the back.  What is cool is the way that it steers.  It detects how the driver leans and steers in that direction.  It looked like a morph between a car and a bike!

Check out these photos!

Unfortunately, the Toyota i-Road can only be purchased in Asia and France.  Hopefully we Americans get the opportunity to partake in the Toyota i-Road experience soon as well.

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich