BMW all-electric i3

The first thing I saw at CES 2014 I had spotted before I even entered the convention.  That’s right – on my walk to the South Hall of CES, several new BMW i-electric i3 kept driving by.  BMW was allowing for test drives for people to see what this new car has to offer that will be officially released later this year.


This new car is all electric and has some extremely high tech features.  One thing most people notice right off the bat while driving the i3 is that the acceleration is great and yet at the same time when you take your foot off the gas pedal, the car comes to an immediate stop – this may be a foreign concept to most of us, but I can imagine that once the driver gets used to this feature, it would actually give you more control of the car.


This is not a typical BMW sports car.  It looks like a cross between the smart car morphed with a Prius type of car.  So what population is this type of car targeting?  Not the usual sports-car loving folks – rather big city and suburban commuters.  The small size, fast BMW-like acceleration and fuel saving of this car are made for big city traffic, fast lane changing, and tough to find parking in cities like San Francisco.  As aforementioned, this car will be coming out later this year and will be priced at $40,000.  I imagine that there are many people out there with their eye on this beauty.

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich