Go-Pro Camera Stabilizer - The Tiffen Steadicam CURVE

Typically, I don’t really follow too much on cameras.  I do love to take pictures, but they’re usually just on my phone.  I like to record memories and don’t really pay attention to the detailed quality of photos.  My camera storage on my iPhone 5 always fills up much too fast and I am constantly uploading to make space.


That being said, I am a huge fan of the Go-Pro.  On my summer vacation last year in Croatia a couple of my friends took Go-Pro’s with them.  They got to record so much without all the work of constantly taking a camera out and snapping photos.  There were many actions shots underwater, on the beach, at concerts, etc.  Looking at the photos and videos – I felt like I was there again!  So, at CES 2014, when I was walking around the many booths, I was immediately drawn to the Go-Pro section.


A cool highlight I think is worth mentioning is the Tiffen Steadicam CURVE Camera Stabilizer for GoPro.  We stopped at chatted with this stand and got a little demonstration from one of their employees.  The great thing about this product is that it has a nice handle that makes it easy to hold.  You choose a focus on the Go-Pro, and once it is focus the camera stays on that point.  That is, when you move the product up and down, the camera stays on its focus, keeping the video completely steady as if you were not moving it at all!  Very cool product for people who like taking professional action shots, and even for the every day user who likes recording memories.

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich