Beats Music - a new music listening experience

Beats has become a widely known name for the high quality headphones they manufacture and their wide fan-base.  Today, Beats hopes to expand that customer reach through launching a new music streaming channel called Beats Music.  This is a bold move considering that the music streaming realm is already heavily congested with some prevalent names; Pandora, Google Play, and Spotify to name a few. 

Beats Music hopes to steal a few customers by adding some new features to the table that are said to add more in terms of emotion and personalization.   How are they going to do this, one may ask.  Initially, there is the standard questions asking about preferred genre, etc.  What Beats Music does in bringing more to the listener is the option tap a song if you like it, double tap if you love it, and do a long press if you hate it.  This way, the app can better understand your taste in music. 

Another awesome feature Beats Music has to offer is a section that allows you to communicate your mood.  It is formatted in a MadLib style where you fill in the blanks.  (“I’m at the gym and feel like rocking out to…etc.)  Again, with the songs given to you for your mood, you have the option to tap love it or hate it. 

Of course, being that this is a baby, having been launched today, there are bound to be a few glitches and gaps.  Once such is their lack of some songs or artists.  Some are even listed, but grayed out, communicating that you do not have the option of listening to it.  However, I am sure we will see updates in fixing such issues as customers relate their input. 

Unfortunately for Windows phone users, Beats Music is not available to them yet.  Not for long though!  January 24th is only a few days away, which is when Windows Users will officially be able to join this new music listening experience.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich