DumbStruck App

Today, many of us are obsessed with our phones, specifically for our fun apps that act as social media venues for the cyber world.  Amongst all the popular ones, there are a few that stand out as most popular like Instagram, Facebook, Vine and SnapChat.  Of late in particular, SnapChat has been gaining major popularity.  It allows for people to send photos that appear for a small duration of time, 10 seconds or less before disappearing.  This can include images or videos, and you are given options of being able to write text over the images or draw things with a virtual paint brush.  Even with the recent SnapChat hack, the popularity of the app has stayed strong.

A new app has come out that sounds eerily similar to Snapchat; it is called “Dumbstruck”.  While Dumbstruck has many of the same features as SnapChat, like sending friends photos and using the drawing tool, this one takes the idea a little further by adding a step at the end.  I’m sure all of us that send photo’s to our friends, especially through apps like Snapchat, we are expecting a certain reaction.  Whether the reaction we want may be a laugh, a smile, disgust, utter shock or surprise, it would be great to see that expression.  Well that is what Dumbstruck does!  Once the photo is sent through this app, the reaction of the receiver is recorded and sent to the sender. 

How great is that?!

Well, for a minute there I almost downloaded Dumbstruck and was just about to make all of my favorite Snapchat friends follow suit.  But a realization dawned on me; if the person has the app too, then they obviously know their reaction is being recorded, which takes away all the fun.  No one is going to be completely genuine if they know their expression is being recorded. 

If the makers of Dumbstruck can find a sneakier way of implementing this reaction recording – I think they would gain instant popularity.  Until then, I do not foresee it catching like wildfire.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich