A New App that Replaces the Hotel Room Key

There is an app for everything.  Apps are starting to create a completely new way for our society to function.  Before, it was using cash to pay for things, which turned into being able to pay for things with a little plastic card, and now it can be done by scanning an image on your phone.  What is next?  Well Starwood Hotels are starting something new, which I am sure will turn into a movement many hotels will join.  Instead of using a plastic room key, you check in over an app which then gives you the information you need to bypass the front desk, go to your room, and using that app scan your phone and voilà, you are in your hotel room. 

The hotel must first upgrade their door locks to be compatible with iPhone and Android devices in scanning, which apparently won’t be too high of a cost.  Although there are currently only nine Starwood hotels that are currently making this change, I have a feeling others will follow suit in the near future.   

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich