Cool New App Alert! Scribe – The Tool that Allows You to Copy and Paste onto Your Phone

I am all about staying in the know about cool new apps.  Phones have become so necessary in day to day life, that they are starting to feel like more of a limb than a mere accessory.  With all the new innovation that has been constantly occurring, any time most of us say we wish we had some kind of tool, or could somehow do something – the answer is usually: “There is an app for that”. 

Here’s one called Scribe.  This cool new app lets you take things from off your computer and quite simply allows you to copy and paste it onto your phone.  So how does it work?  It is even more simple than you can imagine.  Once the app has been installed, all you have to ensure is that you’re connected to Bluetooth.  Since most of us own Bluetooth devices (because we are safe drivers that love staying connected), this is a nonissue.  Once you have followed those two steps of buying the app and connecting you devices, simply highlight what you desire to copy and hit command+shift+x.  The words will then magically appear on your phone as a text coming from Scribe. 

This sounds so useful and even necessary that I am shocked to hear that this is new.  There have been countless times when I have wanted to send myself things to have on my phone, whether it be information pertaining to phone numbers, times, schedules, classes, any form of humor, etc… the list goes on.  Usually, I would have to go through the headache of logging onto my email and then sending things to myself to have on my phone.  Scribe sounds so much more convenient!  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich