The Facebook News App: "Paper"

First it was MySpace, until Facebook swiftly knocked through it and became the main social media venue in the market.  The thing about Facebook that gets all of us is that many of us literally get lost in time scrolling through your newsfeed, reading up on people’s updates, pictures, comments, and more.  I know I am not the only one who wastes countless hours a week on Facebook.  People have been so loyal to this social media that many even rely on it as a news source. 

So, you may go on Facebook to read up on some big news that everyone is talking about, but quickly get sidetracked in reading all the juicy information posted in your newsfeed.  To combat this, Facebook has created a new app called “Paper”.  This app is solely dedicated to posting news articles that can keep people updated on events going on in the world, without the distraction of updated statuses and picture uploads posted by friends.  To navigate through articles, you simply swipe through – like most other apps.

While this sounds pretty great, especially for those of us who love reading up on news, world updates, and fun-fact articles, it does sound a little familiar…Flipboard anyone?  It also sounds eerily similar to the Google Newsstand.  A lot of people are not very impressed this new “Paper” App idea.  Perhaps it was sort of a Shia LeBeouf move – but hey, there are many apps that are alike in different realms.  Everyone has their own loyalty or preference when it comes to music streaming apps (Pandora, iHeartRadio, Beats Music, etc) as well.  I’m sure Facebook will snatch a few followers away from their future competitors – pending the app is good that is.  We will find out February 3rd when it is launched!  In addition, Facebook has been speaking of bringing other cool new creative apps to the table in the near future.  

Watch the demonstration below of some of the cool features this app is going to have.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich