Iridium Go – Keeping you Connected Virtually Anywhere in the World

Iridium Go is a new satellite hotspot that is made for globe-trotters and adventurers.  Many, if not most of us, love to travel.  But it can be a little intimidating to leave without the assurance of staying connected to the online world.  At the most basic level, many of us need internet access for our jobs. 

I often travel to Europe to see family, and certainly plan on seeing much more of the world, and it can be such a pain trying to connect to WiFi all the time – and many times, the connection is so poor that it can be a huge nuisance.  This is why I am so excited to tell you about this new lifesaver.  The Iridium Go has been made to be easy to use as possible and to reach service pretty much anywhere on the planet.  So for those big time adventurers who like to climb to the top of the biggest mountain – fear not, you can still make phone calls, send texts bragging or upload a photo of yourself on top of that big, tall mountain as soon as you get to the top. 

Being that many of us like to travel in packs, you probably won’t get into too many arguments on whose turn is next, because up to five devices can connect at the same time to the Iridium Go. 

Or you can use all your devices at the same time. 

It has been built to look a little more rugged, to fit the lifestyle of the big-time adventurer.  I like the idea of that, since that probably means it is more durable around accident prone people (totally not referring to myself…).  An additional feature that is always nice to have is the “SOS mode” that can get you in connected to emergency services when needed. 

Their main competitor will likely be the Globalstar’s Sat-Fi – but Iridium Go promises to deliver in both quality and in pricing, keeping it somewhere under $800.  


While you're travelling about, another must-have accessory you don't want to leave behind is a Juno Power portable charger.  I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't want to be in a land far, far away left stranded because my phone dies! 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich