Amazon Prime Membership is Going UP

Who’s not a fan of Amazon?? I mean, the website is fantastic.  In the very high speed day to day life we are all living nowadays, it’s great to use Amazon in having anything from daily necessities to random wants mailed right to our doors.  The ease of use has gotten so many loyal Amazon customers to sign up for Amazon Prime, where shipping costs are completely deducted. 

Amazon has nearly everything and anything, covering a huge spectrum of products.  I mean just the other day I went and spent almost $200 on a pair of new shoes at a department store.  Nearly minutes after excitedly sharing this with my sister, she informs me that those same shoes are listed on Amazon for $80 less.  So, I got ripped off.  Point being, almost everyone uses Amazon because they are fair and have great customer service. 

You can sign up for an Amazon credit card, get new deals, and becoming an Amazon Prime customer gives you even more great benefits.  Now, why I am I telling you all these things you probably already know?  Well, here some bad news.  With all the affordability and ease Amazon has been offering, they have gained a huge amount of loyal customers – and now they are bumping up the cost of being a Prime member, reportedly $40 more. 

For some, this may not sound like much, especially if it is worth it to them with the amount that they use the account.  However, not all of us spend as much as the next person, and the bump in pricing may not be so worth it. 

I am wondering if this is just the start of prices being raised for the perks of being an Amazon customer.  They should be careful though, I wouldn’t want their reputation to change in terms of being a favorite site in American culture.  

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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich