Facebook ..Every Single Thing You Do is Recorded

We have all heard this, especially young teens from their parents – “Be careful of what you post on Facebook”.  Most of us hear it, but don’t really listen.  Recently, it has come to my attention of just how much of our information is shared on this social media site – some embarrassing, but more importantly, some significant information is shared with the public that could be used against you one day.  

Upon hearing about some of these Facebook features that do just that, I did some investigating.  First thing is, Facebook has an “Activity Log” button on each Profile that allows you to see ALL of your activity from what photos you’ve liked or commented on, status’s you commented on, literally anything that you have participated in on Facebook will be forever recorded in that little (or should I say very big) activity log. 

So if you don’t want people to see everything, make sure to set it in your privacy.  I’m not saying we should all stop using Facebook; rather we should all be aware of everything being shared. 

In this very informative Activity Log, with every post that we participate in, there is a little icon in the right corner that tells you who can see those posts.  Surprisingly, many of those are “Public”.  I guess the high privacy I thought I put in my settings isn’t so high. 

I am not cautioning everyone because I think everyone’s level of privacy needs to be the same – just that a lot of the information posted can be collected by those intended on using it in bad ways; like fraud, or stalkers, etc. 

Stay safe everyone!  Just make sure to be aware of exactly what your settings are..


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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich