Filters…the Next Makeup?

With the obsession of beauty continuing to be a part of people's daily lives, more "beauty enhancers" are becoming available. What was once a simple filter is now turning into an entire photoshop session on one's mobile device. Apps like Instagram and Facebook offer several different filters for users to enhance their photos before posting. However, more apps are being made to tweak and enhance photos before they even get to the Instagram stage. Perfect365 is just one of many new apps available to edit photographs with more than just a filter. Below is an example of how the app works and the difference it can make with just a few minutes of playing around with the app.



As you can see, the photo on the top looks airbrushed and enhanced while the other one is natural and realistic. This is just one of the many apps out there today. The difference in our perception of people we know, or may not know in person, is all due to filters and photoshopping photos before sharing them to the world. Some may call it fake advertising, others just find it fun. Whatever your reason for tweaking pictures on your mobile device is, the process takes up battery life. Check out our products and extend the life of your battery for a less rushed photoshopping experience.





Massiel Scheibner
Massiel Scheibner